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John Lustig is equal parts traveler, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. With interests ranging financial, social, charitable, and global he is seldom in one place for long, but is always accessible.

Welcome my friends, colleagues, mentors, and if we have not met - Hello, I'm John, and it is a pleasure to meet you! Being an avid networker and actively engaging in many varied new projects and businesses all over the place all the time, I tend to meet a lot of people and as an active effort to maintain said relationships, I created this site to make connecting as simple as possible!

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News and Updates

  • 9/28 - In Portland discussing terms and opportunities for investing in a new VC Deal.
  • 10/3 - Off to NYC for a couple of weeks to attend a few HCIT Conferences and explore Strategic Partnerships.
  • 10/15-16 - At the NYeC Conference held at Chelsea Pier.
  • 10/17 - Attending the HealthWeb Leadership Conference on the Tribeca Rooftop.
  • 10/29 - Stranded in NYC!
  • 11/3 - Speaking at the CEO National Conference in Chicago

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